High quality manufacture is a guarantee
for a high quality product

About the company

The group of companies NORDPACK is the leader in the field of manufacturing of polymeric closures for the Russian distillery industry.

The company was founded in 2005. We have full cycle of manufacturing and automated assembly of the finished product, it provides technological cleaner manufacture, high efficiency and the best prices for products in Russia. Our production facility is located in the center of Russia, which ensures geographical proximity to the main consumers of closure products in all regions of Russia, from the western borders to the Far East, as well as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

We are constantly working on new types of design, decoration, cost and technology of closure.


We have an exclusive equipment, which has no analogues in Russia. Complete automation of production is allowed to us to manufacture product without waste.

High quality manufacture is a guarantee for a high quality product

We provide an absolute cleanliness of manufacturing at the plant for complying the exact technological process.
  • 1
  • Modern equipment from Japan, France, Italy
  • 2
  • Modern equipment from Japan, France, Italy
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  • Чистое производство - чистый продукт
  • 4
  • Modern equipment from Japan, France, Italy
  • 5
  • Walls and floor are made from special material, do not collect dust
  • 6
  • Equipment was developed by the engineers of NORDPACK
  • 7
  • Air ventilation and ionization system
  • 8
  • Warehouse space
  • 9
  • Modern equipment from Japan, France, Italy

We use exclusive modern equipment for the manufacture of plastic closure

Company NORDPACK has at its disposal equipment from Japan, France and Italy, which has no analogues in Russia. Unique to Russia electric Japanese injection-molding machine are used all over the world for the production of medical products. In NORDPACK these machines provide suitable conditions for manufacture. There are no hydraulic components or no problems with oil contamination and aerosols.

Hot runner press molds ensure 100% repeatability of products and allow to organize wasteless production

The assembly process is fully automated. One installation serves different purposes, it works as 8 ionizers, dust extraction, video monitoring system and automatic rejection.

The technological process takes into account that the final dimensions of the part get only after 24 hours from the moment of injection molding.

Organization of manufacture with special conditions of cleanliness.

The walls, floor and ceiling are made from materials that do not form or attract dust. Raw materials for manufacture come through hermetic pipelines. Assembly of the product goes on in an automatic mode using ionizers that remove static charge from parts and dust extractions.

NORDPACK do not use secondary raw materials, materials and various additives, which, during prolonged contact with alcohol-containing liquids, secrete molecules of the basic substance. In due course it changes the organoleptic properties of the drink for the worse.

Technological process is held with accurate compliance to norms. The product is created with an accuracy of the given parameters, the subtleties of the technology of manufacturing plastic products are considered.

Own design department and typography

NORDPACK has an equipment for manufacturing of moulding. Within a short time we produce the sample which is after agreement with the client getting into serial production.

Typography offers a wide range of options for printing on the closures.

  • Serigraphy
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Glitter lacquers
  • Embossing and shaving

Serious approach to recruitment

The group of companies NORDPACK holds staff training on a permanent basis using own training and education system. HR Department and mentors take part in recruitment and introduction to job duties of new staff members.

Technical control service at the plant (own laboratory)

Check of each production lot:

  • Outer appearance;
  • Hermetic state;
  • Twisting moment;
  • Geometrical dimension;
  • Adhesion of paint and varnish coating.

The tightness of the seal is checked every 6 hours.

NORDPACK offers the best combination of price and quality

We guarantee the quality of our products. We able to supply the required amount of goods without delays and just in time. We provide wholesale deliveries in Russia, CIS countries and abroad.

Hundreds of customers have already appreciated our advantages:

  • Competitive prices for products
  • We will supply any volumes of products
  • We have been working since 2005, we are more than 15 years in the market
  • Supply of quality products only
  • Manufacturing in Perm that is the center of Russia and the intersection of all major transport routes
  • Part of the machines for manufacturing is assembled by our specialists and completely exclusive
  • A 24 hour operation without holidays and days off
  • Rapid manufacturing of product samples for future batch production
  • Serious approach to recruitment, own training system

Get an exclusive gift from NORDPACK

If you contact us right now, you will get a luxury set of polymer closures from the NORDPACK. You can independently verify the quality of the final product.

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