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What does preserve the taste and properties of vodka?

Perfect closure for an excellent beverage

Polymer closure for vodka by NORDPACK customized for the bottle with neck finish KPM-30. It has a special limited doser which seals the bottle entirely, it also preserves and protects the beverage in the bottle.

Clean manufacture is a pure product
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The bottle closures are made from the high quality raw materials.

It provides the complete preservation of all the organoleptic properties of the alcoholic beverage
  • We do not use secondary raw materials

    Prolonged contact alcohol-containing liquids with the packing made from secondary raw materials results in releasing molecules of the basic substance. In prospect it affects in a negative way on the organoleptic properties of vodka.

  • Reliable and patented product design

    The unique product design prevents formation of cracks when closure is fitting the bottle. The reinforced detachable element guarantees a safe of the closure on any high-speed manufacturing lines.

  • Convenient filling

    The liquid is poured by a hollow jet without difficulty at any inclination of the bottle.

  • Resistant coating

    High quality of closure's coating protects from scratches during transportation.

  • Opening bottles without leakage

    The closure prevents leaking of liquid after opening the bottle no matter how the bottle is positioned.

  • Limited doser

    "Anti-pouring" function excludes refilling the bottle with liquid.

  • Hydraulic seal for complete tightness

    Hydraulic seal provides the flow of liquid, it also prevents oxygen to get inside the bottle

  • Tamper evident

    Detachable element is an indicator for unsanctioned the falsification of the counterfeit.

Patented technologies of closures for alcoholic beverages.

Our manufacture equipment is unique and doesn't have analogues in Russia
Polymer T-shaped closure "Camus Style "
It is an innovative multicomponent closure
A classy way to stand out from the competitors

Due to the innovative idea of closure there is a wide range of means to build a unique brand that stands out for customers and efficiently promotes products. Our technologies allow to decorate closure with various colours, including fluorescent paints, or to place promo-materials on the closure.

Only NORDPACK produces these closure it guarantees unprecedented protection of your brand from counterfeits!

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    • Doser

      Doser is combined with the LIFT element, it is used for opening / closing the closure, which ensuring tightness in the sliding seal. A specially-shaped pourer, in conjunction with the hidden air channels, makes possible to obtain an even jet without air bubbles 20 cm in length

    • Cover

      It is outer cap, which might be painted in various colours. It forms the appearance of the closure, at the same time, it can be use as a shot glass. There is a possibility to add into the composition of raw materials an additive that glows in the ultraviolet, which will draw attention to a bottle in a bar or nightclub

    • Nipple

      It is responsible for a sealed connection to the neck of the bottle and it is the main element on which the operation of the air ducts depends

    • Lift

      It serves for sealing in two sliding seals with a nipple element and for dividing cavities. The lift can be painted in various colours.

    • Body

      It is the basis of the closure, it can be painted in various colours. It is a load-bearing element, responsible for fixing on the bottle, ensures the tightness of the sliding seal with the doser and the operation of the air channels with the nipple.

It is a metal-polymer closure with a screw cap
A wide range of decoration combines with full control of opening.

Metal-polymer closure is fitted with doser and a screw cap, which height is 47 or 59 mm. When the closure is opened for the first time the coloured band appears around the base of the closure. It will stay visible around the closure when the bottle is sealed again. The tamper-evident function gives a solid proof that the bottle already have been opened. It prevents unsanctioned the falsification of the counterfeit.

We provide options to manufacture different types of trimming lid (without segments, with 3 or 6-th segments).

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    • Cap

      Cap is used for opening /closing the closure, it is responsible for the tightness of the closure. There are different colours options for painting.

    • Body

      The body of the closure is responsible for sealing. There are different colours for painting.

    • Nipple

      It is responsible for the tightness of the closure.

It is a polymer closure with doser and retractable screw.
There is even outflow without "sticking" effect.

Polymer closure combines doser and retractable screw, which is 47 or 59 mm high. A special design forms an even outflow of fill, it prevents spraying of liquid at the beginning and at the end of the pour. The "anti-pouring" function ensures that the bottle cannot be reused without damaging the closure.

The high quality imported raw materials and high level of production management guarantee the highest quality of the finished products.

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    • Cover

      The cover is the outer part of the closure. It can be painted in various colours, decorated with foil for hot stamping (hot stamping), UV-colours (silk-screen printed). In addition, the side of cap can be covered with a protective UV varnish.

    • Screw

      The screw is made for opening/closing the closure, it ensures the sealing of the product. It can be painted in various colours.

    • Body

      The body serves to seal the closure, it is responsible for fixing closure on the bottle. It can be painted in various colours as well.

It is lightweight polymer closure for the bottleneck finish V-28.
Closure has never been so easy

This unique closure combines the advantages of a screw cap and the ease of sealing the "guala" type. It is not so expensive but at the same time, the CUPOLA LIGHT is universal for usage.

The closure simply snaps into place on the bottle, and the lid is ensuring the hermetic closure of the bottle. It mates with the inner surface of the bottleneck finish according to the "Camus" principle. The closure freely fits on the standard 28th screw bottleneck. The closure is suitable for the use on a bottle, which has an aluminum cap 28/48, is worn.

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    • Cover

      The outer part of the closure. It might be painted in various colours, decorated with foil for hot stamping (hot stamping), in addition the side of cap can be covered with a protective UV varnish

    • Cap

      Cap is responsible for sealed connection to the neck of the bottle. It can be painted in various colours.

We create an exclusive design in the corporate style of your brand of alcohol

Our own design department and typography allow to select and make the required design of the closure.


We have an exclusive equipment, which has no analogues in Russia. Complete automation of production is allowed to us to manufacture product without waste.

High quality manufacture is a guarantee for a high quality product

We provide an absolute cleanliness of manufacturing at the plant for complying the exact technological process.
  • 1
  • Modern equipment from Japan, France, Italy
  • 2
  • Modern equipment from Japan, France, Italy
  • 3
  • Чистое производство - чистый продукт
  • 4
  • Modern equipment from Japan, France, Italy
  • 5
  • Walls and floor are made from special material, do not collect dust
  • 6
  • Equipment was developed by the engineers of NORDPACK
  • 7
  • Air ventilation and ionization system
  • 8
  • Warehouse space
  • 9
  • Modern equipment from Japan, France, Italy

NORDPACK offers the best combination of price and quality

We guarantee the quality of our products. We able to supply the required amount of goods without delays and just in time. We provide wholesale deliveries in Russia, CIS countries and abroad.

Hundreds of customers have already appreciated our advantages:

  • Competitive prices for products
  • We will supply any volumes of products
  • We have been working since 2005, we are more than 15 years in the market
  • Supply of quality products only
  • Manufacturing in Perm that is the center of Russia and the intersection of all major transport routes
  • Part of the machines for manufacturing is assembled by our specialists and completely exclusive
  • A 24 hour operation without holidays and days off
  • Rapid manufacturing of product samples for future batch production
  • Serious approach to recruitment, own training system

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