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The first in Russia system of piece-wise registration of alcohol products was implemented at one of the largest distilleries


Meridian was the first company that developed the newest equipment for the single registration of alcohol products, taking into account the new requirements of Rosalkogolregulirovanie and EGAIS, which come into force from July 2018 (N 171-FZ of 22.11.1995 as amended on December 28, 2017). According to the requirements, each bottle and lot of alcohol or alcohol-containing products must be accounted for in the EGAIS system, in order to prevent the sale of counterfeit goods. In January 2018, equipment and technical equipment were successfully implemented into the production line and tested at the Permalco plant.

According to Alexei Filippov, the head of Meridian: "The plants that manufacture alcohol and alcohol-containing products have only half a year before the implement of technical means meets the requirements of the legislation. In a short time, we were able to implement a ready-made solution for the alcohol industry. The developed system allows applying unique codes (DataMatrix) to each individual bottle of alcohol and lot of products. The equipment is suitable for any production line speed it works in automatic mode. The capacity of it is 12,000 bottles per hour. Data on each bottle is automatically sent to the EGAIS system."

The system of piece identification of alcoholic and alcohol-containing products uses 11 high-tech readers. The process includes several stages: from applying individual code for each bottle, binding each bottle to a federal special stamp (FSM) and a group packing identifier. Products that do not meet the requirements are sent for manual inspection to eliminate the cause of the flaw.


Plant "Permalco" was the first to test new equipment of Russian manifacturing. It gave positive feedback on the operation of the system. The implementation was quick - within 10 days, no additional labor was required to maintain the equipment. "Meridian" has demonstrated the installed equipment to the representatives of the alcohol production market: "Tatspirtprom", "Bashspirt", "Siberian Vodka Company", "Krasnoyarsk Vodka Plant", "Novokuznetsk distillery" "Sarapulsky Distillery", "Glazovsky Distillery".

For more information on the individual registration of alcohol products, please click on the link - https://meridiant.ru/